Swimming in Croatia.











These photos were taken during my summer holiday on the island of Vis in Croatia. The beaches on Vis are stunning, so it seemed appropriate to take some swimsuit shots while there. Much of the island is unused and unexplored, so you can find entire secluded beaches all to yourself. One day, we walked through the hot sun for a while before finding a dirt track down into the vegetation. By following the track, we found ourselves at the base of tall cliffs overshadowing a beach with aqua water and no one in sight.

I haven’t yet managed to get my hands on that ultimate item—the genuine vintage swimsuit—so, in the meantime, I make do with vintage-inspired swimwear. I love the cuts of vintage swimsuits and, after spending two weeks on Croatian beaches watching girls constantly tugging and adjusting their string bikinis, I was thankful for my secure one-piece.

This is the first time since I was a child that I’ve bought a one-piece, and I’m in love with its simplicity and cut, and the detail of the striped belt with bow around the middle. The classic black fabric and heart-shaped bust feel timeless.

My sunglasses, hat and swimsuit are all from ASOS, while I got my shoes for 10 euros from a cheap shoe store in Berlin—purchased for exploring Vis. My eyeball earrings are from Shop with Romi.

There’s a lot of abandoned military tunnels and buildings on the island of Vis, and in one of the photographs you can see a partly collapsed building behind me, which made for a unique (and slightly creepy) backdrop to our day on this isolated beach.

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    Your swimsuit is so cute!!

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